Boise Roundup!

I have to admit that I was afraid of this: I just didn't take very many photos in Boise. It was a vacation in every sense of the word; ie, from photography as well, for the most part. Also, it gets dark really early there, and I didn't make it outside much, and inside ... well, it was a circus. C'est la vie! It was a really fun, relaxing trip & I'm so glad I went to see my uncle and grandma.

Spending time with these two (my last remaining immediate family members on my dad's side) is always fun. All three of us are Geminis; does that scare you, or what? Hehehe. Here are the positives of a gaggle of Gemini being together for 3 days straight: we all want to watch the news during dinner; getting the three of us together doing one thing at a time at the same time is pretty much impossible; we're all easy to please, and we all love to talk. It's very fun, and there is always lots of laughter.

Here are some photos from my trip, including some of the incorrigible Max, the 150lb Great Dane Puppy, aka Mad Max, aka Circus Maximus ... you get the picture.  Enjoy the photos! 

It's MAD MAX! Yes, he's really only 10 months old

I know it's a dumb subject, but the lens flare--!

As the sun goes down in the west, the mountains light up in the east

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