This weekend!

Hallelujah, its Friday!

Every week I treasure the weekend even more. How does that work? Is it just part of getting older?

This weekend will feature the first Saturday we've been at home all day since ... September? Yes, it's pretty much been that long. I know we're looking forward to a long day of football & house cleaning. Plus, I'll be making my weekly trip to the farmers market and cooking up a storm both days.

Sunday will be particularly exciting, though, as we participate in Farm Sanctuary's San Francisco Walk For Farm Animals:

Farm Sanctuary is an amazing organization and I am thrilled that Scott & I have raised more than $200 via our friends & family to help aid in the rescue & rehabilitation of abused farm animals. I've never fundraised or participated in a walk of any sort before, so I have to admit, this new feeling of pride and accomplishment I feel at having done this feel really, really good.

I hope to take pictures at the event on Sunday. I hope some of the animals are there, but I fear transporting them from Orland might be considered "cruel and unusual," so I won't hold my breath. At the end of the 3 mile walk through Golden Gate Park will be fun & games, including a raffle that will give away a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant, Millennium. Fingers crossed! I can't wait to tell you all how it went.


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