November, we hardly knew ye

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Enough! enough! enough!
Somehow I have been stunn'd. Stand back!
Give me a little time beyond my cuff'd head, slumbers, dreams, gaping,
I discover myself on the verge of a usual mistake.
—Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

Somehow it is almost December. And yet at the same time, Halloween was only a month ago—how does that work? As Einstein would probably say, that's relativity.  Or (more likely) he wouldn't say that, because as geeky as he was, he was a ladies man, not a nerd

But I digress. Also, yes, I'm a nerd, moving on, moving on. 

I was looking back today on my list of goals for November & thought it would be nice to take stock of how things went, and look ahead to December. I really am trying to hold me (and by extension, Scott) more accountable for our grandiose delusions plans for the future. 

November Goals (post mortem):
  • Be in bed (not necessarily asleep, but reading) by 11pm at the latest
I actually did really well with this one, given how tired & sick (yes, sick) I was in November. I could barely make it to midnight on the occasions I wanted to stay up. Still, not perfect but way better than usual. 
  • Get up by 6:30am M-F
I did almost perfectly on this one!  There were only 2 days all month (excluding vacation, where I got up between 7 and 8 every morning) where I totally failed here. Otherwise I did really well, even getting up at 6am each morning for a significant portion of the month.
  • Sleep in until 7am at the latest on weekends
See above. Did really well with this one!
  • If I am working late (photography shoots), deal w/ the sleep dep, don't get wasted
I actually hardly worked late at all in November, but I didn't exactly cope well when I did ... so this will have to be a "do over" in December. I will be out every week in December so I better man up & deal with it!
  • Maintain 90%+ vegan diet, especially at home
This has been the bullet point that I've found myself most passionate about by far. My obsession and love for vegan cooking and eating vegan has only grown stronger in November. Bring on December!
  • Don't eat out if at all possible, but at most one lunch & dinner per week
This got a little messed up due to poor planning, so must do better in December. Especially since we are broke and  there really isn't any other choice!
  • Go to the farmers market every week except for Thanksgiving (when we'll be in OREGON!)
I missed 2 farmers markets in November because it was raining. I need to get over the rain factor. 
  • General don't-NOT-take-care-of-yourself stuff!
I've started some positive habits in November, and now I need to keep that momentum in December. I am usually really good at doing things for a month, or two, and then suddenly I miss a day and the entire process is destroyed. I don't want that to happen this time, which is why THE INTERNET is involved. 

I'll be posting about December goals tomorrow, but suffice it to say these things will all continue, along with some stuff more along thee lines of the above image from Pinterest: MUST CREATE.


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