November: Lets do this!

So, Halloween. That just happened.

Scott & I love fall, and love Halloween, but we usually aren't Halloween People. As in, usually the holiday finds us sitting on the couch at home just like any other night. We went out the first year we were together, but that was the last time. I can't remember exactly what it was about this year that sprung us into action, but it was a pretty impulsive decision that led us down a road of intensely complex costume procurement / making.

 Yeah, we look kind of amazing ... I'll admit it. 

Then came the parties, after the late, late (often sleepless) nights making the costumes (OK, it was mainly Scott's costume). It was incredibly fun, but we both have been fantasizing about how different November will be: schedules, rules, and rest. And football. And work, of course, but we can't possibly keep up the pace we had going in October. It was unsustainable. Thank goodness you're finally here, November.

That said, I want to write out what the goals are for November, to keep us accountable. We all know that once something is on the internet, it exists forever, right?

November 2011 Goals

  • Be in bed (not necessarily asleep, but reading) by 11pm at the latest
  • Get up by 6:30am M-F
  • Sleep in until 7am at the latest on weekends
  • If I am working late (photography shoots), deal w/ the sleep dep, don't get wasted 
  • Maintain 90%+ vegan diet, especially at home
  • Don't eat out if at all possible, but at most one lunch & dinner per week
  • Go to the farmers market every week except for Thanksgiving (when we'll be in OREGON!)
  • General don't-NOT-take-care-of-yourself stuff!

We'll see how this all goes.

I am making a pumpkin soup right now (similar to this one in Sunset magazine & the one my friend Susie made recently) so hopefully I'll be able to post something about that soon! 


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