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Recently, I've become obsessed with Pinterest, after resisting for at least a year (maybe longer) and even blocking it from Facebook. Like I needed another internet addiction, another social network, right? Well, within a span of five days a couple of weeks ago, I became yet another Pinterest Addict. So far so good, though--honestly I think it's been great for inspiration.

As this is a domestically inclined blog, here are some of my pins featuring projects or things I'd like to implement around our home:

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Source: None via Amber on Pinterest

Does anything here inspire you? What does? It would be amazing for our home if any of these things were to happen, but I'm honestly not sure what will. I am not the craftiest person in the world, and Scott is so busy. I do thin this "40 bags in 40 days" thing could be a good place to start .... I do love to purge .... 


  1. I recently did a pretty big purge. Cleaned out the linen closet twice, and got rid of a bunch of things in the garage to either go out to bulk garbage, or go to goodwill. My garage is now walkable again. I feel so accomplished! just need to do more! I was inspired by The Green Apple Home youtube channel, she does this gigantic home purge challenge. it's amazing!

  2. Karen, the urge and NEED to do this in my home becomes more urgent every day. I am going NUTS with so much clutter! We have lived together for almost 8 years and Stuff Proliferation has gotten out of control in our little 850 square foot loft. I think this winter break (I'm taking 2 weeks off like usual) I will REALLY get down to business. Plus, that's a great time to donate to Goodwill, so I can feel really good about getting rid of more functional stuff too!


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