I've always had quite a gift for talking to myself

I need more domesticity in my life.

I have been too busy lately, and its obvious just by looking around the house. 

The great thing is that tonight I have a plan to make a great fall soup, especially given that its raining outside again, and its really fall now, and I want to pretend that I am not setting myself up for another huge week of activities and time away from home. I love my life, and I love the opportunities that Scott & I have, but I am also really tired. It sounds so nice just to be at home with zero obligations.

I'm not sure when that is going to happen again, though. November? I just want to be a homebody.

Stolen with love from Shutter Mama

I have been thinking a lot lately about the above sort of thought, and what I can do to change my life to be more what I want it to be. I think that if I were to actually do this, I'd be so much more powerful than I believe I am right now. What it comes down to is that I am lazy and easily swayed toward vice. I guess that makes me no different than many other people, but I desperately want to improve myself. Like, now.

Today I discovered a fascinating blog that has made me question some of my life choices. The weather is getting cold again, so of course I'm finding this desire to focus on my health (I've already decided that my fitness goals that I began last winter break will make a return this winter break, and that I really, really want to make 2012 the year I finally run a 5k), and cook good food (OK, that's 365 days a year, for me). Anyway, this blog has a "get fit, get healthy" challenge that has inspired me today. I really want to take it seriously. This comes on the heels of Scott telling me that he is also ready to get serious about eating healthy & getting fit, so hopefully I will be able to inspire him further with my renewed dedication.

On a related note, its interesting to think that we haven't had cheese in our home since early August. And now it's October! I am extremely proud of us for kicking the cheese habit. I do really, really love cheese, but something had to give, and knowing that life without cheese is still awesome is really great.

I've also been thinking about reading this book next on my list of "back to the Earth" books:

I don't think that this "fad" is the worst thing in the world for me to be getting into. I mean, if I were only interested in being original, then I'd miss out on some things that could help me better my life and my self just to prove a point. And I'd prove the opposite, in the end. So even though the "back to the Earth" fad is really super trendy right now, I can say with confidence that a) I've been on this path since I was 19, when we get right down to it, as that was the year I discovered Geography as an academic subject and the year I first began being environmentally conscious / sort of a hippie about things like this, and b) because its important, not just to me but to the world and all of the souls living in it. </justification>

Evidently I can't stop thinking today. Also, I wrote the above on Monday & now its Tuesday,  so....

I made a fantastic soup last night. its a recipe I created myself & its developing over time, and I'm letting it develop naturally before posting it on the internet, because I want it to be what its evolving into. I am letting it  give me hints on the direction it wants to take. The good news is that it's truly tasty & great for you, not to mention adjustable to seasonal ingredients. The bad news? WE ARE NOW OUT OF GARLIC!

I'll have to fix that one this evening. I wonder what's for dinner tonight? 


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