The one with lots of good food (again)

It's no secret that we love Eating Well around Chez Gregory. I truly want to spend a lifetime feeding my family & loved ones the best way I know how, and that includes spending time doing one of my favorite activities: cooking, sourcing new recipes, listening to my body and educating myself on the relationships possible between human & Earth. I want to be as close to the Earth as possible; after all, we are a part of it.

I am pretty hippy-dippy about this stuff, but there are so many reasons TO be. The obesity epidemic in America (and other first world countries) is truly disgusting, not to mention unhealthy, and the food industry's role in it is even worse. I can't go to bed at night knowing I've fed myself or my family something we KNOW is bad for us. The good news is that we've been making HUGE strides in the last year cutting ALL processed foods & beverages out of our diet. It's so much fun, for me, as the shopper & chef in our everyday life, to plan for this. Particularly since I've been riding the vegan train for 2/3 of my meals now for a few weeks!

Thursdays are the BIG DAYS in our home, because I pick up our CSA box from Eatwell Farm, AND I take my weekly trip to Whole Foods to supplement the CSA box. I come home with piles of veggies just waiting to be used. Here's what I did with them last night, along with some photos of my poorly organized pantry:






From top left: 1) a bowl of onions + one avocado; 2) diced garlic, red onion + bell pepper;  3) black beans, rinsed; 4) aforementioned garlic, onion & bell pepper sauteed in olive oil; 5) spices & rice added; 6) my current CSA tomato collection--yum!; 7) shelf in my disorganized pantry, part one; b) shelf in my disorganized pantry, part two; 9) the side of my fridge, aka the only part that holds magnets; 10) finished dinner, nom!

I truly love my home life & hope to share more photos like this in the future. In fact, I still need to post about our amazing anniversary trip, so stay tuned! I'm not sure anyone will ever read this, but if you are, stay tuned.


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