I really had planned on getting this done yesterday...

...but I didn't. What can I say? Unexpected computer problems at my day job prevented me from accessing the internet, let alone working on anything, for two days this week. I've also been increasingly excited about me & the mister's fifth wedding anniversary tomorrow (tomorrow!), for which we're packing up and shipping out early tomorrow morning for three days & two nights in our favorite place: Pacific Grove (a suburb, if you can call it that, of Monterey). We'll be eating, drinking & biking (!) our way through the two cities, and its going to be absolutely divine.

For the record, we'll be staying at our favorite bed & breakfast, the Gosby House Inn, and dining tomorrow evening at our favorite restaurant, Passionfish. But that's after we cruise into Monterey early in the day with the top down, have fajitas/margaritas at Monterey's El Torito, and probably hit up the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a  few hours. What will be left to do on Monday & Tuesday? Who knows, and who cares! I can't wait.

Until we return with many happy memories & photos of our adventures, here are a few phone snaps of life at Chez Gregory this past week.

Zeke, modeling on our brand new entryway rug

Frying marinated tofu ... mmmmmmmmmm

One night, bored, I made up a soup. Here's what went into it!

These went in the soup, too.....

Jeffy isn't particularly amused

Black bean burgers, made from scratch!

"the good life"

Our new coffee--since we only drink it iced, anyway!

Aaaaaaaaand we're off. See you on the flip side of 5 years! 


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