Yet Another Food Post

So, remember how excited I was about picking up my CSA box yesterday? WELL. Let me tell you! It didn't end when I picked up the box. After I did so yesterday afternoon, stuffing my powder blue North Face backpack with all manner of goodies, I headed straight for Whole Foods, where I .... well, where I proceeded to purchase $60 worth of groceries. Yes, $60! And they were all veggies, legumes or another basic staple (olive oil, teriyaki sauce, canned tomatoes).

I was so weighted down after this that I could hardly make it home, huffing and puffing all the way. But it was so worth it. Oh my goodness. Above is a photo of the entire haul (Scott always thinks I'm saying "hall" when I tell him to come in and look at the "haul," hehe). Here are some more photos of what I came home with yesterday, and I am so excited to cook with all of it.

Time to get cooking! 


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