A grape encounter

I am not a big fruit person. This shocks and appalls most people, but I can't help it: I think most fruit is boring. Yes, that is why I hate fruit; its dull. Do you think I'm weird yet?  Oh wait, you probably figured out that I'm weird a long time ago. Never mind.

In spite of my lifelong aversion to most fruit, I do make a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is for champagne grapes, also known as totally cute mini grapes! I really can't get enough of these little guys. They are adorable. You can also eat them right off the bunch! And they are seedless! And tasty, too. 

Last night I sat down to do a little photo shoot of my perfect bunch of champagne grapes, but, as you can see, my attempts were soon thwarted. Thanks Jeffy! 

I bought these at Whole Foods last week, and they were on sale. Look for them! 


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