Ch-ch-ch changes (and FOOD)

My CSA box this week: Strawberries, Onions, Basil, Caribe Potatoes, Summer Squash, Sweet Banana Peppers, Eggplant, Chard, Radishes, Green Bell Peppers & Peaches.

I am salivating just thinking about it. This looks SO good, and I am excited just thinking about the recipes I'm going to come up with. I don't even pick the box up until tomorrow, but I am trying to meal plan today. Also, its a nice excuse to think about food and cooking, which I've recently become re-obsessed with after a two-month period of feeling too exhausted/overwhelmed to devote time to it. I know I'm a good cook, and its one of my favorite things to do with my time, so I am really glad my desire to spend 1-2 hours cooking in the kitchen every night is back.

I think I just needed some new inspiration. I found it in an unexpected place: vegan cooking! I am not vegan but have felt a serious urge to eat healthier as of late. I love cheese but it makes me feel so heavy. I am tired of feeling like crap every day, and even though I struggle to make the right food & beverage choices every day (sodas, wine, pasta & cheese are my major vices), suddenly in the past week I've made some significant changes: I've been eating strictly vegetarian with very little cheese, cooking vegan at home almost every night. Amazing, tasty, gorgeous vegan dishes that don't make me miss dairy in the slightest. And they cost so little, comparatively!

I also have replaced my afternoon coffee with tea, which is great for my nerves. This tea drinking also decreases my soda consumption by default, which is great because its my biggest vice. I've been taking vitamins every day for 2 weeks now. I've not gotten enough sleep, and my intake of vino has definitely been too high, but hey, baby steps, right? I hope I can keep this going, because I already feel better and I feel less guilt about what I'm putting in my body (and the number at the cash register doesn't hurt). Plus, I am not the only one in my home, and knowing that I'm feeding Scott well brings me a great deal of peace.

I feel like this coming year (June-June is how I see my years, seeing as my birthday is in June) is going to be filled with important and positive changes. Suddenly that doesn't scare me like it used to. I guess sometimes you just realize the amount of energy you're expending trying to hold on to the status quo is no longer worth it.


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