Notes From Sickbay

Since I was home sick today (no doubt the result of walking around in the rain so much in the last 2 weeks, thanks a lot mother nature!), I actually got to do some domestic things, even though it was gorgeous outside (again, thanks mother nature) and the last thing I wanted to be was sick inside the house planning out a blog post.

Right now Scott is upstairs working and I am downstairs trying to force myself to watch Monster Bug Wars on Science Channel (ew ew ew) -- so clearly there isn't a lot going on around Chez Gregory tonight. So instead, here is some photographic evidence of the last few days around the ole homestead:

An early spring soup I made on Saturday

Scott's genuine Flat Eric doll (90's Levis commercials...remember?)

Jeffy breaking the law -- scratching the couch!!

Zeke being absolutely adorable on the couch

Britney issue of Out Magazine, next to the MacBook Pro (living room)

What's that? Outside? SUN!! Taken this evening around 7pm


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